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  1. Minor Outrage Glitch

    This is probably something that doesn't come up to often, but when I used outrage and was immediately put to sleep, I didn't get the option to switch pokemon or whatever, but was instead set to have automatically input outrage a second time. Start of turn 15 Garchomp is confused...
  2. America

    I would like to agree with the comment that there are currently significant problems with education. Deck Knight's comment that the majority of teachers are liberal is beside the point, a sizable number of teachers aren't that good. And as education all builds on itself, once you get behind due...
  3. The Illuminati (warning itt SMZ reads too many dan brown novels)

    But there is a d in Vader. Conspiracy or coincidence.
  4. America

    Yes, clearly this was the United States' goal in this endeavor, which is why we invaded Costa Rica and Nicaragua. P.S. - We didn't invade Costa Rica and Nicaragua, just in case you didn't know.
  5. America

    Well, United States GPS technology and map making industries are number one. So if we didn't continue to make ridiculously accurate maps for the rest of the world, they would end up getting lost. Just look at the recent invasion of Costa Rica, the Nicaraguans read Google map which had been...
  6. The Illuminati (warning itt SMZ reads too many dan brown novels)

    In response to Deck Knight, I think that you can agree that conspiracy theories are a bipartisan affair, not something that can be reserved to one group of people.
  7. Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer - Read FAQ in First Post Before Asking

    Is there a way to increase the chance of the shaking earth/grass/water occuring? And will it occur if you just sit in one spot, or do you need to be moving?
  8. Pumice Stone

    This gen draws from America, so they decided to have weight advise.
  9. Pumice Stone

    I believe the reason is that they are going to implement a weight limit system in the next generation in order to promote the fight against childhood obesity, after all, if you don't lose weight, you take more damage from grass knot. As a note, the above is sarcasm.
  10. I've been as busy as heck, but I'll be on this next week as I have it off. I'll probably try to...

    I've been as busy as heck, but I'll be on this next week as I have it off. I'll probably try to be on some more just in general as black and white will have come out.
  11. There Were 190 Pokémon!

    Who wants to bet that if Ho-Oh and Lugia had been released, they would have gotten names like Ho-Cuatro, and Lugicinco?
  12. Magic Bounce

    Not impervious to phazing, as there is the new dragon tail.
  13. Firefighters watch house burn to ground.

    Actually, there were pets inside, and unfortunately they didn't get out. 3 dogs and a cat died in the fire.
  14. Tropius

    Assuming that it gets aqua ring, and ingrain, it doesn't need roost, it can just pp stall. You're right, I had just made up a list of what moves were incompatable, and then proceded to ignore my own list. However, you can use synthesis, and the pp limit doesn't matter in the context of...
  15. Tropius

    Base Stats - HP 99 / ATK 68 / DEF 83 / S. ATK 72 / S. DEF 87 / SPE 51 Abilities - Chlorophyll - Speed doubles in the sun. Solar Power - Pokemon's special attack increases by 1.5 in the sun, but loses health every turn. (DW) Harvest - The same berry can be reused infinitely in one battle. (The...
  16. Mysterious events.

    It depends on how you view it, after all, negative numbers don't exist in the real world, much less complex numbers. However, there are statements that have many more implications then ones like "This statement is false."
  17. Mysterious events.

    Although this is rather unrelated to the idea of the occult or UFOs, it is possible scientifically to have things that are unexplainable. For example, there are a number of mathematical statements that have been mathematically proven to be unknowable. Very few have any real world implications...
  18. Firefighters watch house burn to ground.

    This issue is considerably more complicated then people are making it out to be. So first some important points: 1. It was not the local fire department nor a private fire department, it was a nearby city's fire department, that for a fee would go to places outside of their area of...
  19. B&W Research Thread

    Does Mold Breaker override the Magic Mirror ability? I would hope for the testing of moves that inflict status as well as stealth rock.
  20. Wobbuffet

    I'd like to point out that Telepathy on Wobbufett is rather nice for doubles and triples, as it means that you won't target your wobbufett when you attack, and it's much more likely not to be considered uber, the way that Shadow Tag is.